Then & Now: Monica Calhoun

MONICA CALHOUN is the pint-size actress, hailing from Philly probably most remembered as MORRIS CHESTNUT’s wife-to-be in The Best Man. Calhoun, 40, lit up the screen in 1999 as the angelic and innocent Mia Dubois who kept a secret so deep it almost ruined her pending nuptials.  However after being raised in the West Indies, Calhoun returned to states and became a child actor in 1985’s Children of the Night. Since then she has starred in several films, most notably Civil Brand, Love & Basketball, and most revered for her role in Player’s Club.

Today Monica has sharpened her craft and taken lead roles.  Her most recent character was as Ocean Jackson in the television series Diary of a Single Mom, produced by ROBERT TOWNSEND. The show earned her the Indie Soap Award for leading actress in 2010.

While we haven’t seen much of her work this year, she looks great and we look forward to seeing more of her on and off the big screen.

  • sexcess1

    The funniest thing happened at 4:15am a moment ago, I woke up to go to the bathroom and checked my phone for calls email etc. then while surfing the web, Monica popped into my mind, I loved her in The Best Man and wondered why I hadn’t seen her in a while. When I wiki’d her it was a pleasant surprise to see she shares my birthday!!! 7/29 Leo’s rock! Girl we miss you and get in a Tyler movie or something quick! I thought you had past away or living on welfare or something tragic (@sexcess1)

  • Ladybug94

    her name is the best man was Mia Morgan not Dubois.