Then And Now: Lauren Vélez

Detective Moreno is still in action!

Native New Yorker LAUREN VELEZ is best known for her role as Officer Nina Moreno, on Fox’s 1994 hit urban drama New York Undercover, that ran for four seasons.

  1. VELEZ has since played a variety of characters, a doctor on the 1993 controversial HBO series Oz, 2006  Numbers,  and 2009 on Ugly Betty.

VELEZ  comes full circle in her current role as law enforcement on the Showtime hit, Dexter.

The actress who has aged very well,  received the RITA MORENO HOLA Award for Excellence from the Hispanic Organization of Latin Actors in 2010.

Clap clap bravo, girlfriend is looking good!

  • Kriselette Chopin

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  • Kriselette Chopin

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