Exclusive Interview: ‘Basketball Wives’ Kesha Nichols Back for Part 2!!!

The latest season of Basketball Wives Miami is only four episodes in, and in true reality fashion, the drama is already brewing.

A few weeks ago Juicy brought to you the first words from one of the show’s “newbies,” KESHA NICHOLS. And now we’re back with a follow-up!

This week, our fave Southern Belle speaks on being accused of “haterism,” being multiracial, and what really happened between her and KENYA BELL’s husband.

Juicy: On the last episode KENYA BELL called you a “hater” when you stepped back from her project. How did you feel about that?

KESHA NICHOLS: That’s one of those situations where there was a lot more back-story. When I said, ‘If it’s not gonna be perfect, I don’t want to be a part of it,’it seemed like I was being really short with her but that was not what was meant. Kenya was just very inexperienced. She’d never shot a video, never hired dancers, never had a story board. There were so many things she didn’t know and I was trying to enlighten her and consult her and she just didn’t want to hear it.

Because she didn’t have a budget and because everything was kind of thrown together I felt that it was best for me to remove myself from it so that we could still remain friends. I made a professional move and I think she was offended by it. She then threw that jab at me during her dance auditions.

Juicy: You had already been hesitant about working on her project. Why did you decide to stay even after you were thrown under the bus at the auditions?

KN: I just wanted to keep it professional and not lose it. And honestly, I wanted to see what showed up. I was there for the entertainment of it all. The people who came in were hilarious but they weren’t shown though. During the auditions Kenya had her CD player by the door and kept having to get up and walk all the way by the door to play it. I was thinking “Girl, you don’t know that much to just keep the CD player beside you?” Royce and I were just looking at each other the whole time.

Juicy: The issue on your race, and where you’re from, has been brought up time after time. Can you tell us about your struggles being multiracial?

KN: It’s never easy growing up, being half of one thing and half of something else especially when they’re complete opposites. I grew up in the South and when I was born it was never cool for interracial couples to be out and about, and it was looked down upon by the White community. My father and his side of the family weren’t in my life at all, so I was a little mixed kid growing up around all White people.

My family loved me and never made feel any different but in school and other places I never felt White enough. As an adult, I’m around Black women that I want to relate to and now I’m not Black enough. It’s like I can’t win for losing. My question of “Blackness” was brought up on a previous episode by Tami. She said that I “didn’t look like a Kesha.” Whether my name is Kesha, Shaquana, or Becky—it doesn’t matter. I identify myself as Black. I feel if I want to relate to you as a Black woman, why would you ever want to push me away?

Juicy: Just from viewing the few episodes that have aired, do you wish you’d done or said anything differently?

KN: I didn’t want what happened between Kenya and I to be so drawn out. I didn’t want to keep arguing with her because it wasn’t worth it. The first dinner we had with Tami and Evelyn, when we were meeting Shaunie, wasn’t the place to be hashing things out. And of course when you’re talking about something and you have three other opinions, things escalate and become a little bigger than what they really are. It didn’t really need to go there but that’s what the show is—all of us as a group talking about stuff. More than anything, I’m just not used to the cattiness and people being so vocal about their judgment of others.

Juicy: Last week, both TAMI and KENYA tweeted that a scene about you exchanging numbers with KENYA’s husband was edited out. What was this all about?

KN: That was such a non-issue that it wasn’t even covered on the show. The show is all about drama. If there was something really there, don’t you think they would’ve jumped on that and made it a full storyline? They’re not trying to protect me anyway, I’m the new girl.

I saw Kenya’s husband out in New York and it had been two years since I had seen either one of them. I was under the impression that they were still together and didn’t know that they weren’t. We had all exchanged information when were friends way back. When we started filming the show, I think he found out that Kenya was doing it and he texted me. He sent me a text that said “Hey.” I didn’t respond to it and I immediately told Kenya—end of story. It was nothing. That’s why we didn’t see it on the show.

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  • Hilary Kimbel

    I think that storyboards are really what make these kinds of shows! Is it all scripted do you think? Thanks so much for posting!