Bobby Kristina To Get Her Own Reality Show???

A little over a month since WHITNEY HOUSTON‘s untimely death, BOBBI KRISTINA is on the hunt for her own reality show.

Allegedly, BOBBI is going against her family’s wishes by agreeing to do the show, and is set to finalize things in writing very soon.

Rumors are swirling, that the teen met with a TV network, and insiders told Radar Online that BOBBI appeared to be ‘impaired’ during the meeting:

“She was slurring her words and said: “I will show the world I am NOT my mother and will NOT walk in her shoes down her path,” then seconds later would mutter, “My mother was just normal, completely normal, someone who did normal things. She just listened to all the wrong people – and did the wrong things.”

Wonder what TV Network would be bold enough to pick up the reality series?