Back Home: Ray J Released From The Hosiptal!!!

RAY J has been released from the hospital as of yesterday.

Reports surfaced that the singer/actor/spokesperson was hospitalized earlier this week for what was thought to be a potentially deadly blood clot in his lungs– the same condition that killed rapper HEAVY D back in 2011.

However, apparently the hospitalization was needed to treat an extreme case of exhaustion and jet-lag brought on by the 31-year old overextending himself.

This included a 32-hour round trip flight to China (where he performed a concert, then attended business meetings), before flying into L.A. and driving 4 hours to the Billboard Music Awards in Vegas where he attended the awards show and hosted a party for Prince Reigns Serum (which he currently campaigns for).

His rep shared with Us Weekly that BRANDY‘s little brother is out of the hospital, “Ray J is back home in Los Angeles following an extensive battery of tests to make sure that he did not have a blood clot in his lungs which is potentially a deadly condition that can occur following a long haul plane flight.”

The celebrity lifestyle is not for the faint of heart… we wish him well in his recovery.

  • Jeanna

    i hope he is okay