Finally: Royce Reed Takes A Break From Social Media!!!

Well, kind of.

After  her now ex-boo DEZMOND BRISCOE‘s “sext” messages to his baby’s mama were exposed via Twitter, ROYCE REED has finally understand that airing out your business on social networks is not the look, and she made a bold move to prove it.

Over the weekend, ROYCE, who is notorious for igniting Twitter beefs with her cast mates and fans, tweeted, “Toxic people make for a toxic life… Remove them even if it’s hard. U will feel better & be better in the end! Deleting my twitter in 3days!!! I appreciate all of u! Thk u for all ur love & support.”

But shortly after disappearing from the socialsphere, ROYCE resurrected her Twitter account, and today she wrote a lengthy blog on to justify why she did it and how she’ll be using social media going forward.

“Deleting the account was extremely easy for me to do. There was no reluctance, there was no question…I just did it. Once I did I was happy. Twitter at this point is business. Its not about how many followers I have. Its not about how many times I retweet or respond to someone without hurting another’s feelings because I didn’t say Happy Birthday or Thank you. I’ve let things get to me I never should have but like I said before…It’s NOT what they call me, its what I answer to. My name is Royce Lyndsay Reed. Anything else is merely AN OPINION…”

Well, we’ve certainly heard this before. Let’s see how long those 140 characters can stay drama-free!