Go Figure: Natalie Nunn’s Wedding Will Air On We TV’s ‘Bridezillas’!!!

Former Bad Girls Club member NATALIE NUNN exchanged vows this weekend with former NFL player JACOB PAYNE in a lavish ceremony in Malibu, California.

But of course, no bad girl can ever leave the reality show life behind. Cameras were rolling as the nuptials were taped for the show Bridezillas. NATALIE reveals there was an incident at her reception where two of her family members almost came to blows and had to be separated. Not surprising.

“This is supposed to be my day and my bridesmaids, who are all celebrities, think it’s all about them,” NUNN says.

“People asked if we scripted our wedding for the show — no way!,” said the reality star, who briefly dated rapper WIZ KHALIFA pre-AMBER ROSE.

“We don’t need a script because there are no words to describe my family. It’s been insane, I know I can be a drama queen but there are no words to describe the constant fighting with our families and the bridesmaids, at this point I wouldn’t care if Jacob and I were alone at the altar.”

Hhmmm…this ought to make for good TV.


  • Kiya

    I never knew she was married.

  • Amber Swann


  • kenfolk

    Jacob Payne has never been in the nfl or any college just grcc community college both of them are fucking gay hope someone throws gas in that cunts face and sets her on fire