Worth Watching: Love and Hip Hop Atlanta Supertrailer!!!

Love and Hip Hop is finally back.

With an all new cast, this summer the VH1 franchise hits hot-lanta and brings the drama, the booties, and the southern hospitality.

Relationships are tested this season, but instead of all the girl-on-girl drama, we see the ups and downs of family drama and some real deal relationship dilemmas.

Every character of the show could arguably be considered a replicas for a cast member of the NYC crew – an up and coming rapper with fidelity issues, a hopeful singer whose looking for that next big hit, and a mamma who don’t take no ish!

The cast includes rapper LIL SCRAPPY, aspiring female rapper RASHEEDA, singer K. MICHELLE, and a few more Atlanta aspirants looking to make their dreams come true.

Tell us, will you be watching?

6 Responses to “Worth Watching: Love and Hip Hop Atlanta Supertrailer!!!”

  1. Rbc492002

    Seems like it’s going 2 b worst then basketball wives .I don’t want to watch a show where black woman are constantly being treated horribly. I will just continue 2 watch reruns of run’s house smh …

  2. Halez

    Watching Basketball Wives this season was a stretch…this is just down right disgraceful.


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