Chad Johnson Refuses To Sign Evelyn’s Divorce Papers??!!

CHAD “OCHOCINCO” JOHNSON may be the headbutt of jokes after being dropped from his team and endorsement deal with Zico, but he isn’t taking no for an answer when it comes to his estranged reality star wife EVELYN LOZADA.

During her exclusive interview with ABC Nightline, EVELYN made it clear that she has no plans of reuniting with CHAD after he allegedly headbutted her. She has since filed for divorce. Now, rumor has it that CHAD refuses to sign the divorce papers because he’s convinced he can win her back.

But CHAD may not have the final say on that. The state of Florida, where he and EVELYN reside, has authority to proceed with the divorce even without CHAD’s signature – since, in this case, domestic violence was reported.

Perhaps it’s time for CHAD to face reality…and start looking for someone to remove that leg tattoo!


  • Kiya

    Chad needs to get over Evelyn and know that she is not coming back to you.

  • Skipper

    I bet she does….

  • Jeezy

    Chad needs to focus on football..what happened to his cocky*** and talking about future hall of fame? Lol you need to make a team first their buddy

  • Dolores Brown

    I hope he can get that tattoo removed. I’ve heard of laser tattoo removal, but I don’t know how expensive that is. At this point he might want to start looking for a way to remove that tattoo.