Worth Watching: TLC’s ‘Totally T-Boz’ Sneek Peak!!!

Everyone has a reality show, including T-BOZ who stars in the The TLC network’s newest show, Totally T-Boz.

One third of the musical group TLC, the singer openly documents her struggles to bounce back and be taken seriously after a musical hiatus.

Catch the sneak peek above, and tune in January 1st, at 8pm on TLC to catch the Totally T-Boz premiere.

2 Responses to “Worth Watching: TLC’s ‘Totally T-Boz’ Sneek Peak!!!”

  1. Calvin Blanco

    Jasmine, so you would actually watch this?! I love me some T-Boz but this show ain’t it. Now, if it was Chilli and T-Boz doing a reality show with their craziness as a duo, I’d probably watch. But other than that.. I shall stick to the Kardashians.


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