Keyshia Cole & Boobie Gibson: Trouble In Paradise?!?

There appears to be some martial issues brewing between R&B singer, KEYSHIA COLE and her husband, NBA baller, DANIEL ‘BOOBIE’ GIBSON.

Over the last several weeks, the couple have created tweets and posted images that could allude to severe martial woes.

COLE recently tweeted, “A hoe is a sneaky n***** dream,” followed by an image that read, “Show a girl you don’t care and she’ll chase you; show a woman you don’t care and she’ll replace you.”

GIBSON also seemed to participate in the public display of subliminals by tweeting, “Seems like there is only heartbreak & tragedy in this world. Lord.. I suffered through the years.. & Shed so many Tears. Trust nobody.”

The couple, married since 2011, have experienced their fair share of martial problems, some seen on their BET reality show, Family First.

However, GIBSON took to Twitter today with a damage control tweet, to shut down rumors and reaffirm his love for his wife.

“I just amazes me how in a world already filled with so much tragedy & hardship. Ppl still would Luv 2 see us fail instead of show #Luv. Well wont happen here.. @KeyshiaCole is my heart & what we have is from the soul. Can’t nothin Break that. Happy VDay,” GIBSON tweeted earlier this morning followed by a picture of he and his wife embracing.

We’ve got our eyes on these two…

  • Virgil

    To save this marriage you might want to read this:

  • Jayden Eden

    Based on what Keyshia and Daniel are saying, I am not sure if they together or not. I am assuming they are because of Daniel’s last post. Hopefully they keep their marriage strong and don’t get a divorce.
    Jayden Eden |