Then & Now: Lil Kim!!!

Brooklyn bred MC LIL KIM made her way to the Hip-Hop music scene when she joined the JUNIOR MAFIA in 1995.

As the protégé of the late great NOTORIOUS B.I.G, KIM quickly gained notoriety for her feisty and suggestive rap lyrics.

KIM’s debut album Hard Core, hit stores in 1996 and was certified double platinum shortly afterwards.

Two follow up albums, The Notorious K.I.M and La Bella Mafia were released in 2000 and 2003 respectively and eventually were certified platinum.

In 2005, KIM was found guilty of three counts of conspiracy and one country of perjury after lying to a jury about her friends’ involvement in a 2001 shooting, resulting in one year bid.

Although its been over eight years since her last studio album release, LIL KIM has debuted several mixtapes and headlined her own Return Of The Queen Tour in 2012.

Fans of LIL KIM may excited to hear that in early 2013, the Queen Bee took to Twitter to reveal that she was in the process of creating her fifth studio album.

KIM also puts in much of her time developing the talents of her new protégé TIFFANY FOXX.

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  • $27375470

    Lil’ Kim does what makes her happy, not alot of people may agree but just leave her be. She does have feelings. and she is still the Queen Of Female Rap

  • Swagged up gurl

    Ok lil kim i like you and all but what you did to your face im not a big fan of it you should love yourself and who you are and dont change just because some people dont like it this is to all the people who are trying to change themselves to impress poeple the only thing your doing is hurting yourself be greatful and thank god on the face he has given you god took a while on making you and he loves you so dont change yourself its not cool and no fun and one day you might forgive me for telling me this and if you dont oh well all im trying to do is help and no im not hating on lil kim and im not trying to offend her or trying to be mean to anyone im just putting everything i got on my mind dont start writing comments about me cuz im not doing this to be rude peace out.

  • theulove

    she looks sixty in that pic…its a far cry from the young woman she is