Video: ‘The Game’ Season 6 Trailer!!!

BET is back with the sixth season of its ground breaking series, The Game.

What started out as fan favorite show, has been highly criticized over the past few seasons for its yawn worthy story line.

BET is looking to revamp the show and bring back it’s loyal viewers after the departure of leading actors, POOCH HALL and TIA MOWRY HARDRICT.

LAUREN LONDON and JAY ELLIS are slated to replace the void filled by HALL and HARDRICT’s departure.

The sixth season of The Game airs March 26th.

Check out The Game‘s trailer above.

  • SS

    New faces and new story lines…thanks BET…looking forward to S6 of “The Game” and really like the new trailers!

  • Bcal

    I’m pissed. I am a true fan of The Game, and it’s not going to be the same without Derwin and Melanie. If they wanted to revamp the show they could have easily let a different cast member go, no better yet different writers for the show. I’m not really hyped to see season 6, this show ratings are probably going to drop. Don’t get me wrong I don’t have a problem with change, and it’s nice to see new faces but BET could have kept pooch and Tia and still gave the show a new swagger!