Juicy Exclusive: Kevin Hart Explains All Of His Turn Ons and Turn Offs!!!

Juicy caught up with comedian KEVIN HART in his hometown of Philadelphia, PA.

The funny man kept the jokes coming as he discussed his thoughts on some of best and least favorite fashion choices ladies were rocking, what turns him on, a possible music career and his role in the sequel to the hit movie, Think Like A Man.

Juicy: What style is out right now that the ladies are wearing that you love on them?

KH: I don’t know the name of them, but when women wears..[points to woman wearing a maxi dress]  Maxi dresses! I think those are very nice dresses, because they hide so much, but so much at the same time, and you can be a pervert because when the sunlight hits the dress in a perfect amount of time you can see everything. Not that I’ve looked or waited for that moment, but I love those dresses.

Juicy: And what style do you want the ladies to stop wearing or not to do?

KH: I want everybody to stop doing what Cassie did to her hair. I think that is for a specific person and everybody should stop trying to do it. I think that it was great for her, she did it, but you know everybody shouldn’t follow suit.

Juicy: Is Wendy coming back and what are some of the highlights from shooting with the fun cast?

KH: Wendy is coming back. Shooting with the cast was amazing. We didn’t change anything. All of the pieces that made the puzzle perfect in part 1 came back for part 2. So the same producer, same director, same production company. Every actor came back, and we’ve added a couple additions that will be surprises. But I think that we accomplished the un-accomplishable [sic]. We got bigger, we got better. So I can’t wait for you to see it.

Juicy: How did the cast spend your down time?

KH: We were in Vegas for two months and we spent two months together. It was never a dull moment. When we weren’t working we were out at a club or at dinner. It’s a group that kind of clicks. So, nobody strayed off or became individuals or distant, you know? We all stayed as a family and we have a tight-knit group and I think in return I think that’s why the chemistry is so right.

Juicy: You made an appearance on the Game’s album- releasing your own rap or comedy album in your future?

KH: Uh, comedy album or rap album?  No. I’m silly, so probably would do something with “Chocolate drop” and be silly. Do a mixtape that’s one song that’s 70 minutes long. I don’t know what I’d do, but it would be to make people laugh, if I did anything.

Juicy: Was there anything from the standup routine in “Let Me Explain” that didn’t make it to the final cut?

KH: Yeah. There’s a ton of jokes that didn’t make it. I wanted to make sure that my set was as tight as possible. So in honing it and kind of shaping it into what I wanted it to be, things got cut out, because I wanted it to be 50 to 55 minutes of jokes and I didn’t want there to be a dull moment. So I felt if things didn’t elevate it at all, they had no purpose of being in it. So those things will be in my next hour if they fit in that set.

Juicy: What gets you “turned up?”

KEVIN HART: (Laughs). You know what’s funny man,  I was just doing that to be funny. That’s a prime example of when a jokes go wrong. Yeah, I was just being silly just a joke. I guess I brought back something from the dead. But the real answer would be life.

Juicy: What turns you off?

KH: Bumpy backs. I can’t stand them. It’s a turn off.  Braille back, that’s what I call it.

Juicy: What turns you on?

KH: What turns me on? Great conversation, prioritizing, goal oriented people, driven people, people who understand the effort behind hard work. I’m a hard worker. I’m a guy who likes to set goals and achieve them. So when you are around people like that genuinely you gravitate to do what they do. When you are around winners you win, you know? When you surround yourself around losers you lose. I like winners. –BRITANY SNYNDER

Photo Source: PR Photos