Juicy Exclusive: Sheree Fletcher Dishes On ‘Hollywood Exes’, Will Smith, & Meagan Good!!!

The second season of VH1’s hit reality show, Hollywood Exes airs tonight and Juicy caught up with cast member SHEREE FLETCHER to shed some insight on how WILL SMITH’s ex-wife she manages to juggle her life, gives deets on new cast member SHAMICKA LAWRENCE, and as preacher’s wife gave her opinion of the MEAGAN GOOD dress fiasco at the BET Awards.

Juicy: With the second season of Hollywood Exes approaching, was it easier or were you more critical of yourself shooting season two?
SHEREE FLETCHER: It was an easier process second season. I was in a better flow.

Juicy: Has the dynamic between the Hollywood Exes cast changed since the arrival of MARTIN LAWERENCE‘s ex-wife SHAMICKA LAWERENCE?
SF: Not really. There were little kinks along the way and that’s gonna happen when you meet new people but you have to establish your boundaries and let them know what’s okay for you and what’s not okay – but for the most part she fit right in.

Juicy: Do you think your show has separated itself from the stigma associated with reality television?
SF: The common denominator is that we’ve had the same experience. We were all married to these very famous men.  I think that common experience created a common bond and a sisterhood, more of a community of women coming together with like experiences and supporting one another.

Juicy: Being that you’re married to a minister and considered a first lady, have you ever encountered any backlash from being on a reality show?
SF: Oh, yes. There are some saved folk that don’t think church and show business go together in any way shape or form. You have to respect people’s opinions but I refuse to live my life letting other people put me in their box. This is something that I feel that I am supposed to be doing. For whatever reason the whole picture is not clear to me yet but for whatever reasons this is the necessary step in my process in my journey.

Juicy: You’ve been very vocal about your journey to self improvement and spirituality, what made you decide to go on a spiritual journey?
SF: It was after my divorce from Will and I just knew something was missing. I didn’t have a sense of really what that was. For the first time in my life, that even though I could go and shop and buy thing, I was still like ‘oh wow there’s something else.’ That really opened my eyes and that put me on the quest to find that missing piece.

Juicy: You’ve never made headlines for any negative press, how have you managed to maintain such an amicable rapport with your ex-husband and his new wife?
SF: We put our children first and we have to communicate out of respect. We keep each other in the loop we keep each other involved. It’s not about the exes, it’s about your kids. I think when you keep the main thing the main thing and you have your priorities in order everything comes into place.

Juicy: Your son Trey has been very low profile in comparison to his brother Jaden and sister Willow, has that been your choice?
SF: That was his decision. He actually started out doing some stuff and then he decided ‘you know what mom and dad I just want to focus on football, I just want to go to school.’ ‘I don’t want to do that audition thing I don’t wanna do that.’ When he decided to stop, it was done.

>Juicy: Being that you’re a first lady, how do you feel about the recent controversy over MEAGAN GOOD’S dress at the Bet Awards?
SF:I think she looks beautiful I think she’s an absolute gorgeous woman. To each is own. I think the dress was a little low and that wouldn’t be a choice that I would make for me at this stage of the game in my journey, but you live and you learn. It was ironic that the award she was presenting was a gospel category.

Be sure to catch SHEREE FLETCHER on Hollywood Exes tonight at 10pm on VH1. For more news on Sheree Fletcher, click here for her online boutique Sheree Elizabeth and click here for her skincare line Whoop Ash.