Juicy Exclusive: Chante Moore Talks Kelly Price, Kenny Lattimore’s Sexuality, And New Album!!!

Following a successful stint on the hit show R&B Divas: LA, songstress CHANTE MOORE is celebrating the release of her new album Moore Is More.

Juicy recently caught up with MOORE to discuss everything from her feud with cast mate, KELLY PRICE, to rumors surrounding her ex-husband, KENNY LATTIMORE‘s sexuality and what to expect on the latest project.

Juicy: They painted you and Kelly to be really good friends, what was your relationship with Kelly Price like prior to starting R&B Divas: LA?

Chante Moore: We would see each other out and about occasionally. We weren’t like call you on the phone, get together friends but we were acquainted with one another. Every time I did see her, we were happy to see one another before.

Juicy: Were you surprise with the way your relationship ended up?

CM: Yes I was very surprised. I didn’t expect that at all. It actually hurt my feelings but that’s life, it happens.

Juicy: How did you feel about Kelly Price announcing the R&B Divas Tour during the reunion?

CM: Honestly we haven’t signed any contracts so it was awkward to hear the announcement. I thought it was a little premature because you can’t go on tour without a contract and there isn’t one. I looked up at my manager, they didn’t show that part, and I was like ‘okay I’ll play cool and we’ll fix this if necessary after.’ If a tour happens I would still go.

Juicy: So many people complain about a negative portrayal on reality shows because of editing and production. Were you ever hesitant to join the show because of that?

CM: No, because I think who you are comes out. I think we have to be responsible for what comes out of our mouths. To me, it wasn’t edited badly at all. It was accurate to what happened as we went through the R&B Divas show. It’s unfortunate that some are not happy with the way that it was edited but honestly it was what happened.

Juicy: What do you think of Wendy Williams as a reunion show host?

CM: I was so nervous about her being the host because I know her from radio and she is known to be really intense. She was really nice even though she would throw us on the grill every once in awhile but I think that’s what we needed. I enjoyed it, I think she did a great job.

Juicy: One of the most uncomfortable moments of the R&B Divas: LA reunion show was when Wendy Williams asked about your ex-husband, Kenny Lattimore’s sexuality. Where do you think those rumors started and were you ever suspicious of his sexuality?

CM: I don’t know where they [sexuality rumors] started. I wasn’t personal friends with him for long. I was an acquaintance before we dated so I don’t know anything about that. That really isn’t a comfortable thing to talk about. Being that he isn’t my husband anymore, I leave it up to him to answer because that’s his life.

Juicy: Do you think the drama with your ex-husband overshadowed what you were trying to achieve this season?

CM: No, not at all. He isn’t somebody that I really want to talk about. I’m still pissed off about stuff that happened but it [child custody battle] was something that happened. Otherwise it wouldn’t have been something that I brought up.  If you want to know any more about what happened about my relationship buy my album because I wrote a whole album about it on Moore is More. Check the record because there’s things that I won’t talk about that I will sing about.

Juicy: Explain your hiatus from music.

CM: I took a hiatus from the recording process which wasn’t conscious actually. It wasn’t a hiatus from working because every weekend I go to work because that’s my job to go and sing, mama gotta pay the bills. I just so happened to not record at that time. I was definitely going through a divorce and emotionally trying to make sure I was there for my children and myself and just adjusting and recalibrate.

Juicy: What are expecting from the release of your Moore Is More album?
CM: 17 times platinum [laughs] I’m just happy to really be making music that I love. It really is the joy of my life besides my children and God. It’s just song to song to song one of my favorite albums. I’m just excited. I want the world to know that it’s out.

  • gerald

    You always 👂 hear about the successful artis and movie stars living double lives.she basically accused kenny lattimore of being gay.if its true (it hasnt been confirmed)i wouldnt be suprised of course.being gay is the thing now,the latest trend.even though its been around since the beginning of time.yes.there are a lot of dudes that are on the down low,i dont care what nobody says.i dont care about polical correctness,its a discussing and abmination