NBC Cancels Blair Underwood’s New Show ‘Ironside’!!!

Barely midway into it’s first season, BLAIR UNDERWOOD‘s new series, Ironside has been cancelled after only three episodes.

According to reports, UNDERWOOD’s new series Ironside will air its fourth and final episode this Wednesday, October 23rd at 8pm.

UNDERWOOD took to Twitter to respond to the show’s cancellation writing, “I read all of your responses after telling you that Ironside was canceled. THANK YOU ALL for such incredible words of encouragement…”

Although not specified, one could assume low ratings were the cause of the cancellation.

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  • Somethings Amiss

    Hell I liked this show and I was looking forward to making it my Wednesday ritual along with SVU

  • Gabesmeme

    I loved this show, gritty and actions packed, loved him in the process of solving crimes, and his darker side in her personal life. NBC just doesn’t give these shows enough time, same way with Harrys Law, loved that show and they take that away too. GRRRRRRRRR. should have tried a different nite or time, 3 episodes, REALLY