Original TLC Member Crystal Jones Says Her Portrayal Was ‘Inaccurate’!!!

CRYSTAL JONES, an original member of TLC, is speaking out against her portrayal in VH1’s new biopic, CrazySexyCool: The TLC Story.

During an interview with the Ryan Cameron Morning Show JONES explained, “I was very disappointed. They portrayed me was very inaccurate and it brought up a lot of wounds that I put to rest a long time ago and relive it again just didn’t sit well with me.”

JONES also revealed, “As far as it happened, it was based on a contract. I didn’t understand anything so I looked at Pebbles and said can I take it home and let my mom take a look at it because I really don’t understand what I’m reading and she said ‘no absolutely not,’ so I didn’t sign it.”

Click here to listen to CRYSTAL JONES’ interview with the Ryan Cameron Morning Show.