Juicy Exclusive: Erica Mena Compares Alicia Keys to Amina, Speaks On Nya Lee's Talent!!!!

ERICA MENA proves she’s still a fireball on Season 4 of Love and Hip Hop New York, and no one or nothing will make her hold her tongue.

The urban model-turned-author chats exclusively with Juicy about everything happening this season, including if she’s #TeamTara or #Team mina, how she feels about co-star NYA LEE‘s rap skills, and if there is more than meets the eye between her relationships with girlfriend CYN SANTANA and ex RICH DOLLAZ. Nothing is off limits:

Juicy: How do you feel you’re being portrayed this season thus far?
ERICA MENA: How we’re being portrayed it’s really all about what they choose to show. So much happens in life, and I know I’ve had it the worst as far as being criticized, but I think the audience is starting to get to use to a pretty face that’s as outspoken and crazy and wild as I am. In the end I’m not really a bad person I’m just really a free crazy spirit chick.

Juicy: What are your thoughts on this whole Peter Gunz situation?
EM: You’re seeing a hypocrite at it’s best. This is the same guy that was anti-me and Rich and went real hard to kind of prove his point that we shouldn’t be together and it’s sad that the same person that was giving all this great advice last year needs to be taking his own just as much as anybody. Karma’s a bitch and as you can see he’s deteriorating and his dirty feet aren’t getting far.

Juicy: How did the love triangle fight between Tara and Amina compare to you and Tiffnay Foxx last year?
EM: Peter needs Iyanla to save his life right now, but I think my fight was worse. I made the girl bleed right?

Juicy: Are you Team Tara or Team Amina?
EM: I actually became an Amina fan when she pulled out that ID. Let’s not forget Alicia Keys did the same thing but no one bashes her. It’s not talked about because it’s all about how the story gets put out there, but it’s the same scenario. The only thing different is Alicia Keys really did know he was married.

Juicy: Do you and Rich love to hate each other or hate to love each other?
EM: No I love to love him. It’s just he don’t act right so its so hard to make our relationship as far as personal stuff really work. We have this natural progression where we kind of have to go through the craziness. He had the dirty feet people in his ear and we had a lot of people like in our heads kind of passing their opinions and clouding our judgement so we didn’t really have a fair shot once we involved and came out to the world. Now Rich realizes that people with dirty feet aren’t to be trusted and he stopped listening to people and I think that’s why our relationship is as good as it is now. I’m going to always love him and no matter who I’m with their going to have to deal with Rich because meand Rich just have this dope natural relationship. That whether we’re together, or working, or friends, or in bed together.

Juicy: Erica, how does the structure of the way you do business with Rich right this time around?
EM: I think me and Rich are both in a better place and we’re more focused. We have structure, sanity, and he knows where I want to go and he knows what I’m capable of doing. I thankful for him giving me [another] opportunity. Now it’s just about proving the critics the bloggers the naysayers all wrong.

Juicy: People come at your talent, would you say LHHNY’s other artist Naya Lee has talent?
EM: She’s talented in the strip club I spent a lot of money on her.

Juicy: This season we see your relationship with CYN unfold, how is Rich handling your love for a woman?
EM: Rich has alluded to how he would want it to end for us. It’s funny because like every typical man once they see their ex move on it’s kind of like that’s when they want to come back around. We’re still going so who’s to say how this really ends.

Juicy: Was that the motive?
EM: I met Cyn around the time when I was going through that phase of thinking it was possible to try to get Rich out of my fucking system. They’re totally different but yet they’re the same and one thing I will say is Cyn’s a ride or die. That alone is what has me captivated with her right now and you know no matter what people say and no matter what happens. She’s not too fond of Rich and me working together but she’s trying to learn how to deal with it.

Juicy: At the premiere you guys were alluded to threesomes, is that how you, CYN, and RICH get down?
EM: We’re early in the season so you guys have to wait and see. Now their started to have to deal with each other so hopefully we could be one big happy family, but Rich is always going to be here so if I’m with a woman or whoever. It’s always going to be a three some around here.

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    DJ Envy about Erica Mena

    “With being insecure, with me being weak. I was so insecure and so down..I started messing with somebody that was beneath me. A bird. Evil. A liar. Somebody that was desperate and it’s just so pathetic. I mean I didn’t have to feed this person. I didn’t have to make her feel special, because she wasn’t. So that’s what it was.”

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      itz f’d up totally – for the GIRL – when a guy says shttt like that about a girl. bcz she must’ve done some real triflin’ shtttt ….

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    Erica the goat need to sit her ass down bitch need a ass whooping nobody scared of her u see kimbella tore that ass up

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      Yeah I remember when Kimbella beat her, Erica called the police !!! Lol. Damn Erica !! You’re badder than that.

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    What do you expect from a woman who was also someone’s mistress? Everyone remember she slept with a MARRIED DJ Envy?

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    Nya Lee looks like she’s afraid of Erica Mena.