Hair Glue?: Poof Be Gone!!

Glue in weaves don’t get the respect they deserve.

While we know their are better options for installing your weaves, for a quick hair switch up, or for the most temporary hair style changes we must confess a glue-in weave is  the quick fix. However all weaves come with a price, and glue in aka quick weave may be easy to put in, but removing a glued-in weave  is an entirely different ball game.

The biggest fear for weave wearers going the glue route is having remnants of glue that don’t come out. Having to drown our hair in oil sheen or keeping in a leave in conditioner for years just don’t cut it. There has to be a simpler way that doesn’t require grease ball hair, or the magic touch of a professional.

What how about a professional used product? Keratin Glue Remover is what the professionals in the biz are using to get rid of those embedded pieces of glue in the hair after taking out extensions.  Let’s see how Keratin Glue Removers stack up to the other options:

Keratin Glue Remover vs Other Glue Removers

We all know that hair can be a bit weak once extensions are taken out, and its great that Keratin Glue remover treats weakened hair while discarding the  glue to make it wash out much easier. One the most popular glue removers, Proclaim Bond Remover leaves the hair greasy, takes a much longer time to remove the glue and takes more than one wash with remover to get all the glue out. Keratin Glue Remover wins.

Keratin Glue Remover vs Conditioners

Removing your hair glue with conditioner is a very time consuming process. Applying conditioner, placing a shower cap  on your head with or with out heat to soften the glue is a definite no. More times than not the conditioners softens the glue but melts right back into your hair. Leading to breakage and you wishing you never did a glue in the first place. Conditioners are good for removing tracks, but don’t do much for removing glue except spread around in your hair. Keratin Glue Remover wins once again for speed and ease.

Keratin Glue Remover vs Oil Based Products

Baby oil and oil sheen requires too much grease and pulling when removing glue. Look at how much we cringe when it’s time for a trim at the salon, you don’t want to loose more hair than expected just taking out a weave. The acid tone base, hydro carbon and glycerin ingredients in Keratin Glue Remover followed by a good shampoo will leave your hair glue free the right way.

Juicy girls always opt for the healthier way to stay pretty, don’t change it up now try the  Keratin Glue Remover and keep your hair.

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