Step-By-Step: Invisible Part Weaving Method!!!

With all the different innovative weaving techniques being introduced into the hair world, the days of recognizing a hair weave at first glance are long gone.

Now the newest ish’ to hit the streets is the invisible part weaving method, a bonding technique used to create a natural looking part on the scalp for sew-ins or quick weaves.

The invisible part allows you the freedom to give your natural hair a break from normal wear-and-tear, like heat damage and product build up, when left out to blend your weave.

So if your looking for a protective hairstyle or just want a more natural look,  follow this easy step-by-step guide on how to create an invisible part with a sew-in method.

Things You Will Need

Comb,  Hair bonding glue,  Hair weave,  Sewing needle, and Hair thread

Step 1

Starting with dry cleansed hair, make a middle or side part, according to your desired style. Make the part as neat as possible as this is the only part of your hair that will be showing.

Step 2

Start where you made your part, and braid your hair straight to the back in proportional sized cornrows (probably 8 to 10 cornrows).

Step 3

Once your entire head is braided, thread the weaving needle and attach the loose ends of your cornrows together using a basic stitch sewing method. When finished there should be no loose hair hanging.

Measure the hair extension horizontally across the length of your head. Cut the extension to fit that area, and starting at the nape of your head, sew in the hair extensions across the rows of braids. Each extension should be approximately 1 inch apart. Continue this process all the way up the head form,  until you have no cornrows showing.

At this point only part of your hair that should be showing is the weft from your last hair extension (at the top or the crown) and your neat part.

Step 5

Cut the remaining hair extensions into approximately thirty 1-inch strips, depending on your head size you made need more or less.

Step 6

Take one extension strip at a time and lightly cover the weft with hair bonding glue (less is best or else you will create a mess). Wait 10 seconds for the glue to become tacky, then starting 1/2 inch above your hairline firmly lay the extension in a slightly slanted position on top of your natural hair.  Continue laying each strip directly above the other one in the same direction on both sides of the part. But, do not cover the part, it should remain visible. Once finished, comb the hair down to cover the wefts.

It may take you a few runs before you create your best invisible part. But the important thing to remember is it should appear that the hair is growing out your scalp, hint the word – invisible.


  • Nycweavestudio

    I love the invisible part method but this part has too much separation in it. =( sorry, just being honest.

  • shanoyiashaneil

    Thank you this helps very much, you have made it more simpler for me, cause watching videos of others didn’t do it very well.. :)

  • Nya

    I hate invisible parts, they never look good. I can always see the tracks and the parts are huge. A lace front closure would be a more natural and flattering look.

  • Sweetnae68

    Invisible parts always manage to look like you have a big gash in your head.  I just don’t like them.

    • CoolBritanniaUK

      Thats only if you don’t have enough hair in the area thats parted.

  • ava j

    yes part is to wide…. check out my hair shop at

  • berrington

    that is horrible! that bart is huge

  • Aaron Banks

    I would yell “bingo Arizona!” If I could get this to work for me. I haven’t had any luck with this process. Hopefully soon I’ll be stylin’.

  • Kendrick Moose

    This is awesome. I have been trying to find a good new hairbond moulder for styling my hair. This will be fun to try out.

  • Sarah O’brien

    I have recently switched to productos naturales and the difference that it has made has been very notable. I find it much easier to do things like this with my hair now.

  • Lenterak

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  • MJ Tobar

    Can you also use these hair extensions for volume? My hair is pretty thin and lifeless and I’d really like for it to have some body. Is this the right thing for that?

    • Daone66

      Probably one of the dumbest questions ever

      • mrs.crackerandwetbackbuster

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  • Lance Tankmen

    How do you sew it on?

  • Daone66

    Lmfao…omg that second pic..girllllll…it look like a lawn mower went down her head..what are black chicks thinking when they do this stupid shit..y’all will stick anything on ya bald head and think oh I’m cute..nah chick..that’s so ratchet..this is VERY VISIBLE..I mean are u people blind ?wtf

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  • jess

    sorry but was Moses there i have never seen this done well except when the parting is slanted

  • Kadijah

    yeah..I’m cool with the invisible part weave but you could use a little more practice. the tracks that are suppose to be “invisible” need to be slanted down at an angle to have the track above covering the tracks’ll get better with practice though :) once you start laying the tracks at an angle the part won’t be as wide.

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