Step-By-Step: Roller Set Your Hair!!!

Direct heat can cause critical hair damage if used too much, but you don’t have to fry your hair to a crisp to get straight hair.  An alternative method that is just as effective if you do it right is roller setting.

Roller setting hair won’t necessarily result in bone straight hair but it will result in tons more volume than using a straight iron.  Before roller setting make sure you’ve thoroughly washed and conditioned and have  magnetic or mesh rollers, a hooded dryer, a leave-in conditioner and a heat protector like REDKEN Smooth Down Heat Glide (0.5 oz, $15.94, Walmart)

Next follow these steps:

Step 1

Make sure you have detangled your hair completely. Hair should be not be dry, but wet. If hair starts to feel dry during the process, mist with a spray bottle.

Step 2

Apply your favorite leave-in conditioner as well as a heat protector or setting lotion.

Step 3

Comb hair with a rat tail comb, part hair into sections; two side sections and one in the middle like a mowhawk.  Clip each section with a duckbill clip until you are ready to work with it. Note:  The bigger the rollers, the easier it will be to create a sleek look as opposed to small curlers which will hold a curl.

Step 4

Take the hair you intend to work with (start with the section in the middle) parting about an inch and a half, start rolling  with the roller flat against the scalp. The hair for each roller should spread evenly to promote drying. Begin rolling hair from the ends to the root and secure with a hair pin.

Step 5

Sit under a hooded dryer for at least an hour. For thicker hair, it may take longer than an hour. The dryer should not be on its highest setting, but be  high enough to dry hair.

Step 6

Test a section before taking all of your rollers out. Hair should feel completely dry, not the slightest bit damp or cold.

Step 7

You’ll notice your hair will either curl slightly at the ends or have more of a spiral curl definition, but if you did it correctly it should feel smooth and  ready to wear loosely and manipulate into straight hair. At this point you’ll want to brush out with a paddle brush.

Step 8

If your roots are a little puffy you can gently go over your roots with a curling iron or straightener (use a heat protectant),  or blow dry roots with a comb attachment on cool setting to smooth them out.

Step 9

Your hair may appear more spiral than straight at first and here’s the deal: you can rock that style, but realize after a little while the curl will fall flat allowing for a straighter look, be sure to wrap your each night to maintain bounce and volume.

Disclaimer: Exact results may vary depending on if your hair is relaxed or natural, what type of rollers used, and amount of heat.