Tippi Shorter: From Celebrity Stylist to Business Owner!!!

Celebrity hairstylist TIPPI SHORTER has been in the business for two decades and has worked with the likes of ALICIA KEYS, KELLY ROWLAND, RIHANNA, and SOLANGE.

Taking her brand and beauty expertise to the next level, the stylist released her own hair care line, Hair by Tippi Shorter to promote her message of healthy hair.

TIPPI recently spoke with Juicy about her inspiration behind the line, the argan oil trend, and what’s next for her blossoming empire. Tune in ladies!

JUICY: Tell us about the process of you starting your own hair care line.  

TIPPI SHORTER: The last seven to eight years I’ve been a spokesperson for several brands. I’ve worked with brands like Pantene, Avon, and TRESemmé delivering the healthy hair message. My message has always been big, sexy, healthy hair. I was a chemical wearer and I loved wearing my hair in different styles. One time I got a keratin treatment and for the next two to three months, my hair started to shed. So I wanted to create something that would help not only myself maintain a smooth finish whether my hair is curly, wavy, or straight, but to help women achieve a smooth finish whether they are wearing those options without depending on chemical treatments.  So the Hair by Tippi Shorter line was created.

JUICY:  What are some of your personal faves from the line? 

TS:  I wear texturizers and have color-treated hair. The Smoothing Conditioner works great. My hair is pretty dry and brittle and you wouldn’t know that because the conditioner helps it. It detangles, it hydrates, and infuses. I also love the Glaze. It’s a leave in conditioner and is probably my hero product because it does so much. If you’re blow drying your hair it is a really great detangler, it leaves a shine in the hair and it really kind of just puts a barrier around the hair to protect it from heat.

JUICY: Speak to us about the infusion of argan oil and how it has taken over hair care products. Why is it more of a win for your hair?

TS: Argan Oil kind of came and ran and took over because it’s more light weight and it’s a smaller oil so it really gets in the hair shaft and penetrates the core of the hair shaft. It helps lay the cuticle down and restores any moisture that could be just lost in the hair. And starting in the shower helps to keep frizz at bay. It shortens the drying time and eliminates the amount of times you spend flat ironing. So, starting in the shower is incredibly important with your products.

JUICY: Okay, so how is everyone responding to the line?

TS:  They’re loving it. First of all, they’re excited that I’ve taken the initiative to do just that.  They really love it because a lot of women like myself learned just from being in the salon. As a black woman, a lot of my clients didn’t feel like there were a lot of products that were specific to them that were light weight or moisturizing enough. My products  offer more moisture than maybe something that’s on the market that may not be necessarily marketed to us, and it’s not as oily as those products.

JUICY:  Is it possible to moisturize your hair too much? 

TS:  Well I kinda feel you can’t ever condition enough. Hair that is healthy just doesn’t absorb the conditioner– I mean my hair is very porous, I feel the change, I feel the softness instantly. So in the case of over moisturizing…I don’t know if you can do that.

JUICY:  Ok, what’s next for you?

TS: More products and tools. There will probably be about four more collections and I have a couple of specialty treatments, which are incredibly innovative.  I’m very excited to be working with a chemist, diligently getting this together. I am so excited about that and I can’t release everything. I had an immediate need to keep my hair smooth so this was my introduction for my immediate need.


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