The Trend: Micro Loop Hair Extensions !!!

Every Juicy girl knows that when wearing a weave or extensions there is simply no way around causing some type of damage or stress to your natural strands and scalp.

However, with the newly innovative micro loop hair extensions, worn by many celebrities, it is in fact possible to avoid the common hair breakage that most of us experience from sew-in or glue bonding methods.

Like other weave types, micro loop hair extensions are available in different hair colors, lengths, and textures. As well as 100% Remi human hair, giving women the same versatility, yet a faster, easier, and less damaging installment process.

Using a strand-by-strand technique the micro-loop (also known as a micro-link or micro-ring) is attached closely to the scalp by pulling small sections of your natural hair through the loop, then tightly and securely clamping the ring with  hair pliers without any use of heat or bonding. To remove the extension, simply re-open the ring.

This technique should be performed  by professional hairstylist and can cost between $300-$600. However, you can purchase a DIY kit for $50-$350, depending on loop count, and allow a well trusted friend to install the loops in less than 2 hours. It’s truly that simple!

Depending on your hair type or final desired look, you can use as few as 30-50 micro loop extensions to disguise hair damage,  100-200 to create volume or length as needed, or as many as 250 or more loops can be installed for a full head of volume and length.

But regardless of how many loops used, the super light-weight ring is non-detectable to the eye and makes the extension look and feel natural. Yet it’s strong and flexible enough to the hold the attachment in place for up to 3 months, if correctly applied and maintained.

As with other extension methods, micro loops require regular cleansing and re-adjusting. We recommend shampooing with quality haircare products and re-clamping any loose links every 3 weeks to ensure re-usability. Furthermore, the extensions can be curled, flat ironed, and wrapped for daily styling without causing heat damage.

So if your tired of dealing with glue residue, sensitive scalp from sew-ins, or simply want to try a new weaving technique, micro loop hair extension just might be for you!

  • Rissamarie Lind

    do you NEED hair pliers or do regular pliers work just as well?

    • Chanel Robinson

      Honestly, the “hair pliers” look just like a small version of regular pliers!

  • Brndyallen

    What kind of hair is that on model # 2?

  • Carie

    Hair extensions are getting popular nowadays, There are several types of hair extensions to choose from, whatever types you use make sure to wear it properly to avoid damage to your hair. Take care of it just like your natural hair to last it long,

  • Doctor Mommy

    Do you know of any salons in the South Suburbs of Chicago that do the micro loop procedure? I keep finding salons that do micro rings, but I want loops. Thanks!

  • jimstout7878

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  • Chrissy28

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