Trending: 6 Tips To Rocking Box Braids!!!

JANET JACKSON first made them cool  in Poetic Justice for virtually every so-called hip Black chick in the ’90’s to rock, and now they are back.

Box braids – while they’ve always been worn beautifully, the box braid styles of today, seen on the likes of SOLANGE KNOWLES, BRANDY, and JADA PINKETT, give a seemingly more bohemian, goddess-like feel, making for a very exotic and powerful look.

In a world of bone-straight hair, and popularity of the naturalista  phenom, going for a braided look is a bold statement to make.

There is nothing juicier that being different, so we decided to fill you in with 6 tips to keep in mind when considering going for the box-braid style:

1. Not Too Thin
Make sure that your braids are at least 2 inches thick, and that they’re  braided loosely to achieve a full look. Besides, braids that are too thin take forever to take out.

2. The Longer The Better
Make your braids reach to at least waist length. The longer your braids are, the more functional they’ll be.

3. Loose Ends Only
Keep a few inches at the bottom of your braid loose. Never burn the ends of your braids, but instead dip the ends in hot water to secure the lock.

4. Embrace The Knot
A fat, quarter-sized knot at the top of your braid is an essential part in the look of the box braid.

5. Unkempt Is OK
The box-braid style is all about freedom, and effortless freedom at that, so don’t fret when this low-maintenance hair style grows out.

6. Have Fun With It
Rocking your braids is all about freedom of expression, so when you’re finally braided up, play around with versatile styles that compliment your face and personality.

Now that you have a few tips on achieving your very own box-braid style, take a look at our gallery below of some of our favorite, old and new box braid inspirations.

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  • #The 53rd Annual GRAMMY Awards - Arrivals
    "Whip My Hair"singer WILLOW SMITH whipper her box braids into a high-ponytail, a cute look for the young hair divas.
    Willow Smith arrives at The 53rd Annual GRAMMY Awards held at Staples Center on February 13, 2011 in Los Angeles, California. (Photo by Jason Merritt/Getty Images)
  • poetic-justice-movie-poster-1020222562-e1290016602236
    This signature "Poetic Justice" style worn by the legendary JANET JACKSON, may have been the look that started it all.
  • Day+Earth+Stood+Still+New+York+Premiere+p0_qvfIYUfil
    JADA PINKETT SMITH is seen here rocking a sophisticated braided look.
  • erykah-badu.bmp
    R&B singer ERYKAH BADU is seen here, powerfully rocking her long locks.
  • Back Camera
    Designer sisters LIZZY and DARLENE OKPO have fun with their fabulous tresses.
  • Ray J And Brandy Celebrate His 30th Birthday At Pure Nightclub
    Braid trensetter BRANDY takes us back to her "Moesha" days with this sexy and sophisticated braided, low bun.
  • patra1
    90's Dance Hall artist PATRA resurfaced earlier this year rocking her signature, below the waist box braids.
  • Solange-Knowles-Braids-Bun-2

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  • Immadlatebut..

    “Never burn the ends of your braids, but instead dip the ends in hot water to secure the lock.”

    Man, shut up Juicy Staff! I’ve been wearing braids for almost 2 decades. I burn the ends sometimes when I’m craving a different look. Nothing bad has ever come from burning my ends. Ladies, do what you want.

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