Rihanna, Girl What Is Up With Your Roots?

Last month, we fell in love with RIHANNA‘s  golden blonde shoulder length waved locks.

After a few bad hair days in which she had to fly in her esteemed hair stylist URSULA STEPHEN in for quick hair fix, we were still riding with RI-RI’s blonde ambition.

However after seeing new photos of the pop star, we think RIHANNA may have got just a little to ambitious. Keeping up her colored treated hair requires a lot of maintenance –  not just for the looks but the health of her hair.

We were pretty sure that this was a weave with a top leave out, but it’s looking like RIHANNA may have really dyed and damaged her natural hair.

RIHANNA who is now rocking hats to to cover up the bleaching or lack thereof, teaches us an important lesson when it comes to hair coloring:

Stay away from permanent coloring that will need to lift your natural color before it can be applied, instead opt for weaves and wigs that can give you the same look but keep your natural hair protected.


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