((WIG WEEK)) Celebrity Wig Creator: Annette Jones of California Lace Wigs!!!

We’ve all heard the saying “Seek and you shall find.”

Well ANNETTE JONES, founder of California Lace Wigs and Weaves, did exactly that.

On a quest to find top quality Remy hair, the San Diego native decided to search worldwide, and with great success she is now a self-established leader in the hair industry, specializing in full lace wigs and hair extensions worn by celebrities like DRAYA MICHELE, FAITH EVANS, and who-would-of-thought-star MELANIE FIONA.

Juicy had the privilege of speaking with JONES recently about her inspiration to build a business, why celebrities dig her brand, and the do’s and don’ts of wearing full lace wigs.

Check out what the hair enthusiast had to say ladies!

Juicy: You started this business part-time from your home. What inspired you to grow the CLWW brand?

ANNETTE JONES:  Well I’ve always been into hair! Even at an early age I use to hang out in salons trying out extensions, but over the years I always ran into bad qualities of hair. I quickly realized that just because hair is expensive that doesn’t make it good quality.  So I started looking for vendors, and finally I said, ‘You know what, I have to get out of the country to find what I’m looking for.’  So I went worldwide looking for quality and that’s how I started my business.

Juicy: You specialize in stock wigs, custom-made wigs, and premium wigs. What’s the difference between the three, and which one is in highest demand?

AJ: All [wigs] are in high demand because customers want wigs for different reasons.  Stock wigs sell great because their readily available to customers when they want hair right then and there. Our stock units come in sizes small, medium, and large, usually in a medium brown natural color. Custom wigs allow you to create your own wig based on your wants. They usually take four weeks but you get to choose your hair type, the texture, whether you want highlights, and the length of the hair.

As far as premium wigs, what makes a wig premium is if the hair is still in it’s virgin texture. We use hair from different regions, so premium wigs allow you to choose from different textures like Malaysian or Mongolian. We use premium silk lace, the best quality of hair, and silk tops.  I mean a premium wig is as realistic as you can get.

Juicy: You’ve supplied wigs and extensions to reality stars like DRAYA MICHELE and JACKIE CHRISTIE, to celebs like FAITH EVANS and MELANIE FIONA. How do you build these relationships?

AJ: I don’t do a lot of advertising, so when people are wearing my units they become my walking advertisement. I guess it’s all word of mouth. I mean you’re talking about a girl that use to sell wigs out the trunk of her car to my family and friends, but once I went online the business just continued to build from there.

I’m not too far from the entertainment industry so I’ve built a strong relationship base in Hollywood as well as, New York and Chicago. And I’m constantly sending hair to different talent agencies for different events, sometimes not even knowing it’s for a celebrity client. But that’s how I manage to build my brand and relationships by simply supplying good quality hair.

Juicy: What advice do you have for women who are new to wearing wigs?

AJ: It’s crazy because people will go on YouTube looking at all these wigs, wanting things they’ve never tried before.  Let me just say this, if you are new to wigs, don’t jump right into custom wigs because you’ll get overwhelmed.  Start with a stock wig that has a virgin texture and hasn’t been processed. If you stick with a virgin texture you will have a long lasting wig.

Juicy: What are some of the most common mistakes women make when purchasing or wearing wigs?

AJ: The most common mistake is that women get these wigs and use black hair products on them.  It’s not black hair so you don’t need those products, they are too heavy and all they do is weigh the hair down and make it matted. When it comes to virgin hair a little olive oil is good on the ends every now and then, but I always tell people less is best!

Juicy: So what’s next for CLLW & Annette Jones?

AJ: I just launched a wholesale store! My goal was to create a way for celebrity stylists and hairstylists to buy quality hair for their customers. In this way the customer doesn’t have to purchase their own hair because they know their stylist has quality hair readily available that will last them 3-4 installments. I’m actually very excited about the launch!

For more information on Annette Jones and CLWW, visit californialacewigs.com  and be on the look out for CLWW “Win It” giveaway this week!

  • Dana C.

    I purchased a custom made full lace mongolian human hair wig w/ glueless cap for my daughter from California Lace Wigs. The wig is supposed to look as if it grown from her scalp. She has SLE Lupus and lost most of her hair. I wanted her to have a natural looking human hair wig that she could feel comfortable wearing. When we received the wig, it was soft and nice. Well less than 2 weeks of having it the hair began shedding and tangling very badly. This wig cost over $800.00. The hair line looks very un-natural and my daughter was left feeling horrible. We reached out to the company via email on Apr 12, 2013 (two weeks after receiving the hair) in search of an amicable resolution. They finally replied to us on Apr 19, 2013 stating that we ordered double processed hair (curly and colored) therefore that caused the hair to be ruined. They suggested we wash and condition it to try and revive it. Now, I’m not new to the world of human hair, and understand that things can happen. However, in the business of human hair, it’s known for alterations being done to the hair and the hair still has life well beyond 2 weeks. Willing to accept some of the responsibility,we did as instructed and washed and deep conditioned the wig. Well, this only made matters worse as the hair matted and the cap shrunk and now it can’t be worn at all. This was supposed to be a high end quality product that lasted at least a year. It only lasted 2 weeks. We sent a follow-up email and the response from them was shocking. They insulted my character and the tone of it was very accusatory. I’ll be more than happy to share those with anyone who would like to see. At this point i’m filing a dispute with my bank and returning the wig. They never made an attempt to resolve this. I truly believe the hair is not human hair and they are selling synthetic hair. The emails I received from them were very unprofessional. They need someone to come and teach a class on the art of customer service.

  • California Lace Wigs & Weaves

    At CLWW we appreciate each and every customer and handle all complaints on a case-by-case bases. We strive for excellence and satisfaction and stand behind our product 100%. We have a remarkable online reputation as a trusted and reliable source for quality products. We sell ONLY 100% human hair (no synthetic or man made fibers) guaranteed. You can find both processed and virgin hair textures and a variety of colors at our online store. We give our customers the freedom of choice, but with that freedom we have expectations of our customers. We ask that they shop wisely and make informed purchasing decisions based on knowledge of hair textures, processes, what’s safe and what can cause damage. By knowing
    how to protect your investment you will save alot time and money.

    The customer who posted the review below chose to custom order. She selected a processed texture and color. Ultimately stating the hair tangled and became problematic.

    Customer selected these options for her custom wig:

    1. Curly/wavy
    processed hair (no longer in its virgin state)

    2. Colored hair (not
    recommended with a processed texture ie: curly/wavy)

    3. Medium to Heavy
    density (realistic/average is light to medium)

    4. Glueless cap (cap
    construction is very different compared to a Full/Front lace wig)

    Double processing means adding texture and color, which changes the integrity of any virgin hair. Imagine getting a straight relaxer or curly perm and adding color, this is a combo that makes human hair very delicate. It does not mean the hair is damaged or ruined, it only means you will need to handle the hair with extreme care. Double processed
    hair should never be routinely styled with heating tools. Excessive heat can be damaging. If this hair is not cared for properly, breakage, tangling and matting is likely to occur. Each wig comes with basic care instruction and maintaining the wig is the sole responsibility of the customer.

    When the customer received her wig she was ecstatic, she sent photos and stated she loved the hair quality. We did notice on the photos the hair was no longer curly/wavy it was straight, which lead us
    to believe the hair had been straightened with some sort of heating tool. When the customer contacted us with her complaint, we listened and evaluated her concerns and offered a resolution. We even emailed her additional care instructions with details on how to further
    maintain and revive the wig. We also gave her valuable information and recommendations that she could use for the unit she has, and alternative options that would be far less stressful on the hair for future purchases.

    Unfortunately this customers experience with our company was not as pleasant as it should have been, and we did apologize.
    We do take responsibility for not having the DOUBLE PROCESS warning posted on the order form and will create a section to include that information on our new website, which will launch soon.

    At CLWW we care how our customers feel. We answer all complaints and offer fair resolutions. We will continue to provide a top quality product while striving for excellence and customer satisfaction.

  • Lacey B.

    This is an awesome article and a great company to do business with. I have been wearing hair from Calif. Lace Wigs for many years and I must say the quality and customer service is always on point! Thanks California Lace and particularly Annette the owner for providing nothing but the best! Girl keep doing what you do…..

  • Cameron Carter

    This is so cool! Do you think she owns luxury homes for sale in California. I bet she makes a lot of money selling those!