Hair Trauma: The Truth About Henna Hair Color!!!

Q: Dear Hair Trauma, I’m a Juicy girl with natural hair and I’ve been dying to use henna in my hair but I’m a little confused. Can you give me some pointers?

A: First and foremost henna conditioners are very helpful to all hair types, especially natural hair. It aids in conditioning and leaves hair soft.

Before you decide to henna your hair you should know exactly what it is and what it does.

Henna is a plant that grows from a large bush or a small tree in hot, dry climates. The dye inside henna plants produce a red/brown stain on skin and various red colors on hair. Using henna as a hair dye is tricky as it lightens certain hair colors (red henna) but turn other hair colors darker (indigo henna).

Henna is essential in the formation of strong hair as the dye molecules binds with the natural keratin in hair. Because of this, henna is essential in the formation of stronger hair, smoother, shinier hair, because there are no chemical dyes in it.

However be careful to only use body art quality henna, as it has no additives and is safer than natural henna that contains possible allergens. Henna application can be extremely messy and time consuming, so be sure you allow enough time for application.

Follow up your henna treatment with a moisturizing deep conditioner, as it may lead to slightly drier hair than normal.

Found at many local health food stores, henna is a fairly affordable natural product, visit for pure henna with no additives.

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    What color is the hair shown in the picture?