Hair Help: 8 Valentine’s Day Hair Styles!!!

As Valentine’s Day draws near, every Juicy lady knows that her hair needs to be “laid like” art.

Whether you’re natural or wear a head full of extensions, Valentine’s Day is the time to be sure that your ‘do is done right’.

Thanks to the hair inspirations from celebrities recently on the red carpet, our favorite Valentine’s Day hairstyles range from the simple and elegant to the more dramatic and glam.

Before you head to your stylist, or attempt to do your own hair, check out  a few of our favorite Valentine’s Day styles:

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  • Mary-J.-Blige
    Mary J. Blige
    Class it up, and enjoy your night out on the town with a side bun and soft curls.
  • Kelly-Rowland
    Kelly Rowland
    Nothing's more sultry and sexy than long dark tresses and eye-length bangs.
  • Adrienne
    Adrienne Bailon
    Indulge in a night of mystery with these romantic waves and swooped bangs.
  • Keke-Palmer
    Keke Palmer
    Take a walk on the wild side with fierce and ferocious curls.
  • Katy-Perry
    Katy Perry
    For a classic glam look, try long defined waves.
  • Garcelle
    Garcille Beauvais
    Show off your beautiful face by throwing your silky strands into a top bun.
  • Ciara
    Exude confidence with a deep side part and loose curls.
  • Ashanti
    Embrace your inner bad girl with bangs and a high extra long ponytail.

8 Responses to “Hair Help: 8 Valentine’s Day Hair Styles!!!”

  1. dor

    A girl can always use a new hairstyle especially for the big Valentine’s Day Occasion. Thanks.

  2. Abed Nadier

    I really like the idea of my wife wearing her hair down for Valentines. She always gets really dolled up for dinner that night then we get to hang out just by ourselves. I’m thinking of making this Valentines really special with tons of candles ( all over the dining room and having a candle-lit dinner.


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