Wrap It Up: 3 Ways To Protect Your Hair At Night!!!

‘Bed head,’ is cool for some, but for many Juicy ladies it’s the last thing we want to deal with in the morning.

Knots, tangles, and stringy strands are an result of those tired nights where we’re too lazy too tie our hair up – or too cute to do so.

Believe it or not, depending on your texture the way we care for our cherished tresses at night has a lasting effect on the health of our hair.

Tossing and turning on sheets and pillowcases made from harsh fabrics, like cotton, can remove hair’s natural oils resulting in dry hair, prone to breakage.

While cotton scarves preserve nightly hairstyles, they remove just as much moisture as sheets and pillowcases made from the naturally absorbing fabric.

Whether you put your relaxed locks in a wrap or a bun, or if you braid and twist your natural tresses at night, here’s a few Juicy alternatives to moisture robbing hair ties:

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  • silk bonnet
    Silk or satin Bonnets
    Silk or satin bonnets are the best alternative for <strong><em>Juicy</em></strong> ladies who rock their hair natural. Braids, twists, and other protective styles can maintain their initial shape and softness Many bonnets now come with an elastic band that secures the bonnet on the head over night.
  • silkscarf
    Silk or Satin Scarves
    Silk or satin scarves are perfect for <strong><em>Juicy</em></strong> ladies who love to wrap their relaxed locks or throw their tresses into a bun. Silk and satin scarves protect hair from surfaces that often dry out hair. Use 2-3 double prong metal clips to keep scarf on throughout the night.

  • silksheets
    Silk or Satin Pillow Cases
    Silk and satin sheets and pillow cases are the perfect alternative for <strong><em>Juicy</em></strong> ladies who can't manage to keep anything on their head overnight. Silk and satin sheets and pillow cases will provide hair a soft area of rest without robbing it of moisture and creating tangles.

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  • Alexi Davenport

    I had never thought of wearing scarves to bed to protect my hair! I am all about doing whatever it takes to keep my hair natural looking and healthy. I have friends who do the worst things to their hair, and I never want mine to be damaged like theirs. Do you think I could try out this technique with a pashmina scarf?
    Alexi | http://www.huafu.org/wholesale-scarves-c-82/pashmina-scarf-c-82_83/

  • Anita Mas

    I do usually go for cotton sheets. I don’t think I’d be a big fan of satin. It would be a bit weird for me.

    Anita Mas | http://www.furniturenmore.com.au/bedding