Hair Headlines: Rihanna Debuts New Pink Hair!!!

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Known for switching up her look at the drop of a dime, pop songstress RIHANNA recently debuted a new ‘do at the NBA’s Western Conference Semi-Finals game last night.

The self proclaimed bad gal stunned fans when she uploaded pictures on Twitter showcasing her new pink  pixie cut wig.

Revisiting the color she adorned back in 2012, RIRI also sported a baby pink baby and soft subtle pink lippie to match her new look.

Check out RIHANNA’s new ‘do above and tell us what you think.


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  • Emily Merrell

    She looks so great with that beautiful pink hair. I wonder if she did it herself, or if she went to a salon. I wish I could dye my hair pink, but I don’t think my husband will like it.
    Emily Merrell |

  • Marcus Fillion

    Sometimes a shocking change is the best one. People get stuck thinking they can’t change the way they look, and a drastic change is huge improvement. Even if it’s a softer change in hair color, it still makes a big difference to the overall look.

    Marc |